About us

GSC HLS Consulting GmbH & Co. KG is German based consulting company and hardware deliverer, specializing in high-end day surveillance and reconnaissance Electro Optical Systems.
With great experience in high-end optical market, we are putting video capturing’s first element – optics.

With variety of expertise and services we are proud to offer tailor-made optical solutions and components for the best possible result.

Our advantages


We are open and honest with our customers to ensure that they can always rely on us

Time accuracy

We always keep our promises, delivery time and service

Highest quality and expertise

We deliver only the products we are certain of. We understand your demands and offer you the best solution or product which suites the need or delivery chain

Exceptional service

Our sales are starting from pre-sales service. And we ensure that the customer has a feeling of being taken care of during the usage time of our systems. We provide turnkey and tailor-made solutions

Our news